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  1. Modification HOWTO modify game assembly using patches.txt, for example forcing WWHD to 60FPS
  2. Tool AutoHotkey and vJoy Script to allow mouse to be used with Keyboard
  3. How to get Hyrule Warriors working + Model changer and 4k graphics pack
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  6. Is there a way to downgrade game versions to previous updates?
  7. Guide How to grab extremely high resolution screenshots with Cemu;higher than the monitor's
  8. Modification Cemuhook - Need help on memory address conversion from a register
  9. Tool WiimoteHook: Nintendo Wii Remote with MotionPlus, Rumble and Nunchuk support
  10. Modification My Gameplay Patches for Xenoblade Chronicles X
  11. Idea for a script to compile shaders for all games in a folder
  12. Modification monster hunter 3
  13. Monitoring FPS in CEMU Fullscreen.
  14. Twilight Princess HD Camera Control
  15. Tool upd_cemu: automatically update cemu related things!
  16. Guide Mesa-mild manual compilation instructions
  17. Shortcut
  18. Tool Cemu Update Tool - the best tool to update Cemu safely and fast!
  19. Modification Ocarina of Time 2 Player & 4 Player Coop Adventures
  20. Tool Cemu Save Selector for Breath of the Wild on Windows
  21. Settings & Graphics Packs Not Saving When Exiting CEMU