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  20. Hi!!
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  22. Is my PC strong enough?
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  24. Stopped working
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  32. White Water Bug
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  34. The names of my locations are not visible anymore. Any help ?
  35. Running fine, could be better
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  37. Consistent crashing near Tabantha tower
  38. Using Scope in Goron Region causing filling VRAM and RAM
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  45. Hero's Path Mode OFTEN ERASED
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  47. Something is wrong with tunderblight ganon and CEMU.
  48. Downloaded Cemu for BotW and its basically unplayable
  49. Bug with animals
  50. Sky and Cloud, it's normal this way??? Or I have one problem here???
  51. Possible to have better perf
  52. Why my game sometimes crash?
  53. Myahm Agana Shrine
  54. One day: 60 FPS....Next day: Locked at 36FPS???
  55. Crashes Using Runes - Everywhere
  56. Is this an emulation issue or a shader cache issue?
  57. Does anyone fancy changing the soundtrack in BOTW?
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  60. system requirements for breath of the wild
  61. Thunderblight Ganon disappears
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  63. Problems with phzsic effect ( magnetics)
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  65. Loading Icons Stuck on Screen
  66. Severe Slowdown Caused by Camera Rune (Not a Crash Issue)
  67. Compiling shaders question.
  68. Is my PC strong enough?
  69. Help : I can not change the Korean language. (BoWT Ver 1.5.0)
  70. FPS Suddenly Dropped
  71. Where can i get the Adjustable Bloom graphics pack?
  72. Only 10 to 20 fps :(
  73. Game runs 60 FPS but randomly dips to 0-1 FPS randomly.
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  78. Weird Checker Board Artifacts On Shaders.
  79. $140 where?
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  85. CEMU 1.12.2d - waves effects glitch
  86. My link goes to fast! How i fix it?
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  91. please make legend of zelda BOTW perfect
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  96. BotW crashes on start
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  98. FX - 8350 Performance Improvements
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  100. Compiling cached shaders takes very long
  101. what is needed to play BOTW properly and at best quality ?
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  103. loads, crashes on breath of the wild text. helps xD
  104. Pentium G3240 with GTX 960
  105. update confusion
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