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  1. Hey You all!!!
  2. Cemu screenshots thread
  3. Compatability list - Sort by Cemu version and Last updated as an Option?
  4. Cannot get any controllers to work with directinput
  5. Transfer save from Wii U to Cemu
  6. Are there ini commands to set controller profiles per game?
  7. Will we see gamecube controller and SD card support now that smash online is a thing?
  8. CEMU Gyro Support
  9. Game Switches
  10. mlc01\usr\title folder
  11. shadercache causing very long delay after reformatting my pc
  12. Bad controller directions (cemu updated from v1.10.0f to v1.11.1)
  13. Black screen for 4-5min before Loading Bar
  14. cemu 1.11.2 doesn't work
  15. Is Cemu getting more buggy or slower in recent builds?
  16. cemu doesnt work with rx 580 laptops?
  17. Total Newbie Questions
  18. Super Mario Maker Crash
  19. Wiimote / dolphin bar support
  20. Support Compressed Game File Type
  21. Slowdowns with bluetooth-connected controller
  22. Contribution for new developers
  23. Cemu 1.11.3 update,(Online?)
  24. The image of the games are back to front
  25. How can i play mario kart 8 custom trakcs
  26. Considering building a Gyro Input phone app for CEMU.Helpfrom experts how this data i
  27. Wii Remotes
  28. Help:Cemu queda en pantalla gris pero suena y sirven los controles
  29. "Wii U Emulator doesn't work anymore." - Intel HD 3000 doesn't load shaders
  30. CEMU roadmap ?
  31. Mario Kart 8 different skin colors
  32. nightly builds
  33. eshop
  34. stable release
  35. So its almost the 31/1....
  36. is the new update all about botw??
  37. Linux NVIDIA driver 390.25 decreases RAM usage to HALF!
  38. why cemu is closed source?
  39. 16:10 aspect ratio (1920x1200 res)
  40. shader cache
  41. Mouse and keyboard
  42. will cemu become a proprietary software?
  43. Porting to Nvidia shield tv
  44. Settings which Impact CPU demand vs GPU demand
  45. CEMU Build Version Archive [Unofficial List] (Download Links)
  46. For those involved
  47. Hi im new on cemu and i need help
  48. Crash in Mario kart 8 multiplayer
  49. Release Time for new candidate?
  50. why cemu dont support vulkan or dx12 ?
  51. Graphical Interface To Launch Games
  52. compatible PC
  53. super smash bro issue
  54. Mario Kart 8 crash with Steamlink + 2 controllers
  55. BatchFW V7 : fix stuttering with openGL cache saving
  56. BatchFW V8 : No precompiled shader cache anymore
  57. Ignoring precompiled shader cache = no rebuild from scratch on each CEMU upgrade
  58. About Right Mouse Button Motion Control
  59. 1950X cpu 20 fps?
  60. Would this rig run CemU well?
  61. is cemu running on opengl or d3d11?
  62. Cemu online playing
  63. my mouse doesn't work on cemu
  64. cemu 1.13
  65. Mario Kart 8 Flicker in 4-player multiplayer mode
  66. My Pokken Tourment does not enter ;-;
  67. How many threads does Cemu use?
  68. 60fps and best looks
  69. 60fps better looks
  70. Lower frames than expected
  71. My control is not recognized by Cemu ;-;
  72. splatoon amiibo problem
  73. where to find games
  74. Using online with both Cemu and Wii U at the same time...Possible?
  75. Wii Games Support?
  76. Any advice? or suggestion? Cemu 1.13.0f
  77. dell inspiron 7472
  78. please make legend of zelda BOTW perfect
  79. Project zero maiden of black water crash cinematic
  80. New laptop for Cemu and college
  81. yuzu is overshadowing cemu, is it time for cemu to be open source?
  82. Zelda BOTW on i5 laptop intel 7300hq stable 30FPS ?
  83. Vulkan early 2019 or late 2019?
  84. Newbie help.
  85. What was so bad about the audio just staying on the default output?
  86. None of my games run in 1.13.2
  87. Not being able to close games without the whole program
  88. Classic controller emulation
  89. BOTW FPS++ does not work with cemu 1.14 + Gyro without Cemu Hook possible ?
  90. How do i open a Cemu game from a C# script?
  91. The glitches on Tekken tag tournament 2
  92. What does "Cemu" literally mean?
  93. Cemu doesn't work.
  94. CEMU 1.14.0c (Aster v7 - 12 users 1 PC) Mário Kart 8
  95. Why aren't previous versions of cemu available?
  96. Cemu still crashes after adding crash fix files.
  97. A Little Request about shortcut.
  98. Feature request: Can we please remove the option to change audio device?
  99. Suggestion: Graphics pack (mod) rules.txt suggestions
  100. Feature Request: Closing-button to close the running game and come back to gamelist
  101. In CEMU 1.15e the blow mic function for emulated gampad is ineffective
  102. enhancement request - auto detection for content changes in game directory
  103. Cemu addition ideas
  104. What's the possibility on reading a Wii U formatted USB drive through the emulator?
  105. Difference between Deadzone, Range, and Button Threshold?
  106. Is it possible for cemu to connect to vlan server?
  107. PS4 controller not working
  108. Small feature request
  109. 1.15.7c exe file signature
  110. VULKAN news ?
  111. Save Game Folder