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  1. Cemu Support Guidelines
  2. DirectInput controller issues
  3. BEX64 Error
  4. Intel 4000 and Cemu
  5. Cemu doesn't work...
  6. Steam Controller input issues
  7. can't set input on 1.9.1
  8. Image scaling & high-DPI support
  9. nVidia 387.68 - still high ram usage
  10. Several issues with Cemu
  11. RVL-CNT-01-TR contoller support methods
  12. Cemu 1.9.1 Crash on Game Load
  13. cemu windows 10 creators update
  14. Cemu crashes
  15. Cemu 1.9.1 on Elementary OS (Ubuntu)
  16. I can't get cemu to open up
  17. Help update and dlc
  18. Button Mapping Problem
  19. Error 0xc000007b
  20. XBOX 360 Controller issues 1.91
  21. Full-screen resolution mode
  22. Error: ERROR: 0:1: error(#106) Version number not supported by GL2
  23. Cemu crash always
  24. Cemu won't allow me to do inputs from my Switch Pro Controller.
  25. "cemu stopped working" mesg. when loading
  26. Running out of RAM @ 65% usage?
  27. Cemu Crashes at Input settings
  28. Cemu Hook crashes CEMU on Win 7 SP1 64-Bit....
  29. Rumble not working (Xbox one controller)
  30. Windows 7 CEMU 1.10.0f Crashes When Loading Game
  31. CEMU 1.10 crashing on game load
  32. CEMU keeps crashing on me. First timer.
  33. Cemu game bug,please help me.
  34. admins or moderators of cemu this is my crash log on super mario wii u please help.
  35. Cemu 1.10.0f doesnt start at all
  36. Cemu 1.9.1 and 1.10.0 Texture bugs?
  37. Cemu crashes on game load.
  38. Mario Kart 8 flickerig textures o the strating line in Stage Water Park
  39. Crashing in game Cemu 1.11.0
  40. Need help to start Cemu
  41. Seeing no difference with MSAA and AF on AMD GPU - doing something wrong?
  42. Minimum HW for Zelda BotW 30FP? I have Core i7 4770S and i have 10-15FPS, slow HW?
  43. Xbox 360 wireless controller + receiver L1 button could be mapped..
  44. Any controller issue with stick - cemu 1.11.0c
  45. Inputs all crazy in 1.11.0cóLStickDown stuck on, but works when reverting to 1.10.0f
  46. Online not working in 1.11.0c
  47. CEMU started crashing after Fall Windows Update
  48. How to update cemu
  49. CEMU no longer loads BotW or most textures in other games
  50. Cemu Crashing Whenever It Tries to Go Online
  51. CEMU 1.11 Zelda German Characters
  52. Loz:Botw doesn't load at the beginning
  53. Problems with firts start Cemu Graphics ,fixed until ShaderChafe delete folder
  54. Cemu Performance i5 vs i7
  55. BOTW not recognising my save file version 1.11.0c
  56. Online Not Working Properly
  57. please help @@
  58. Need help with twilight princess
  59. Smash bros online occasional black screen freeze before match
  60. Analog stick input granularity bug
  61. Problem with Zelda BOTW
  62. Cemu 1.11.0c Crash
  63. zelda botw stuck
  64. Cemu 1.11.0b (Patreon) has stopped working !!!!!!
  65. Can't Chat In Discord
  66. Pro and Classic Controller Dpad issues
  67. Cemu Earthbound no sound
  68. Load game from Windows network storage still crash the emulator..
  69. [Bug Report] Cemu
  70. Analogs (camera, movement) dont work properly
  71. Zelda BotW freezing
  72. CEMU Module integrity check failed
  73. Cemu inputs don't work smash 4
  74. Problems with several games (Possibly a user error on my end)
  75. Weird Yoshi Wooly world issue..
  76. Cemu 1.11.2 BOTW Crashing Mid Compile
  77. Cemu 1.11.1 / BOTW dlc crash
  78. Help with super speed in Zelda Twilight Princess
  79. Zelda breath of the wild map problem
  80. Cannot Load any game in Cemu (Windows) but works fine in Cemu (Linux)
  81. Cemu not responding when trying to set mayflash adapter
  82. Low fps on Zelda Breath of the wild.
  83. Cemu Crash : OpenGL Not Initialize??
  84. CEMU Not Loading - BOTW
  85. CEMU Simply doesn't open!!!
  86. BOTW, shadow issue
  87. Has anybody else noticed performance drop from 1.9.0c?
  88. How to set the tilt in New Super Mario Bros U
  89. (BoTW) Odd frame rate dips
  90. Solution to DirectInput/Gamepad Issues on Current Cemu 1.11.2 (Smash Brothers)
  91. cemu crashes with me
  92. Botw - Object not loading fast enough
  93. Analog Input in CEMU 1.11.2 is not quite right
  94. Xbox one controller with cemu?
  95. Cemu memory editor v on Botw character stuttering
  96. Reshade doesn't work well on cemu 1.11.3
  97. Cemu 1.11.3 (Patreon Build) Low fps in shrines, menu and inventory Botw
  98. BOTW: iMac Bootcamp/Win 7 Crash
  99. Error from render zelda breath of the wild
  100. Game MK8 Ending bug - Screen Green - cemuhook inside
  101. Error 0xc000007b
  102. Must perform a system update
  103. Cemu 1.11.3 doesn't load any game (crash)
  104. Switches for Settings
  105. Error with render (screen divided into four parts).
  106. Horrible Screen Tearing on GSync Monitor Playing BotW Cemu 1.11.3
  107. Cemu performance
  108. Cemu 1.11.3 dual core does not impact performance
  109. Render error
  110. In-game Crashes on Cemu 1.11.3 with Mario 3D World
  111. Cemu 1.11.3 crash on Zelda BOTW lunch
  112. CEMU stops responding
  113. Cemu crashes when compiling shaders for the first time (BoTW)
  114. Cemu crash after lunch a game
  115. Can't connect my Wii U Pro Controller with Cemu
  116. Issue on loading BotW
  117. Wind Blight Ganon defeat crash
  118. Grey Cemu Launch Screen?
  119. CEMU Crashes after a part of the map in BOTW
  120. Cemu 1.11.3 Emulator Crashing Not Opening Help?
  121. Sound sticking when playing Bayonetta 2.
  122. cemu crashes, additionally nvidia graphics driver
  123. Cant run botw with out system up date
  124. Shader Cache Different Crash
  125. Controller Does not work when running from command line in new cemu version.
  126. how can i open cemu with a game in fullscreen by direct access?
  127. 25 FPS CPU at 100%
  128. cemu crash when botw is loading
  129. Graphics issue
  130. CEMU not recognizing controller
  131. Super Mario 3D world freeze
  132. api-ms-win-core-file-l1-2-0.dll
  133. Mario Kart 8 Freeze/Crash
  134. Cant change shader cache BOTW
  135. BOTW crash on opening camera module
  136. Change name
  137. BoTW crashes after 10 minutes of playing
  138. Few Random Crashes (CrashLog in Attached)
  139. OPTIMIZED AMD GPU FOR CEMU (monster hunter)
  140. Text
  141. Cemu xbox 360 controller connected but not working
  142. Super Mario Maker 錯誤
  143. RX 4808gb + fx 8350 Mario kart 8 just work when a run my forza horizon 3.
  144. Controller stuff (Gyro And Freezy)
  145. Cemu crash at the same time
  146. Cemu Wifi Problem
  147. Noob Question - Never downloaded Nvidia 387.87 driver
  148. Updates cause crash
  149. Low FPS @ 30% CPU use.
  150. Laptop i7 7700hq Rx580 Don't work CEMU
  151. RDTSC Grayed Out (can't enable)
  152. CEMU Issue with Breath of the Wild
  153. cemu games lower framerate, despite not being in the gpu utilization limit
  154. Help with Pokkťn in Cemu 1.11.3/1.11.4
  155. [BOTW]Cemu gets to main menu but crashes on save load if set to use all logical cores
  156. Screen Tearing when in Full Screen only
  157. everything was erased leaving empty folders (CEMU)
  158. Zelda BOTW: Low fps / window and mouse get freezes
  159. cemu 1.11.4 System Fonts not detected
  160. CEMU 1.11.4 BOTW - Sky Artifacts?
  161. CEMU suddenly running very slow after updating to 1.11.4
  162. CEMU 1.11.4b don't install update
  163. Twilight Princess HD - Pausing game fix fps
  164. Cemu Not Running on Bootcamp
  165. To Developers: Please Add The Real Wiimote Controller
  166. Downgrading cemu / using save file / pikmin 3 troubleshooting
  167. [BotW] problem when launching the game
  168. CEMU 1.11.4b Camera rune issue BotW
  169. Separate Gamepad View on Phones or Tablets
  170. No SD Card detected in Smash 4
  171. [BotW] Thunderblight Ganon disappears
  172. [BotW] Reboot the PC to start the game
  173. Problem with the launch of zelda with cemu
  174. does cemu work on 2gb ram?
  175. [BotW] Crash with Cemu 1.11.4
  176. Problem with save files after update cemu
  178. Xenoblade Chronicles X crash chapter 10 on 1.11.3
  179. Cemu Audio Device Problem
  180. In which file are the saves?
  181. Mario Kart 8 Crash
  182. Cemu 1.11.4 donīt start
  183. cemu 1.11.4 doesn't seem to accept any input in input settings
  184. Cemu 1.11.4: BOTW saves disappeared after BSOD
  185. Steam big picture problems (solved)
  186. Cemu wont open!
  187. Weird Lights/Glows in BotW
  188. Smash bros crashing after press start screen cemu 1.11.4
  189. growing memory usage... Video memory leak?
  190. Cemu doesn't start
  191. twilight princess crash
  192. Controller Issue
  193. Letters all messed up while compiling shaders for Botw
  194. [FRENCH] Xenoblade Chronicles X - Plantages intempestifs
  195. hyrule warriors crash
  196. Zelda BotW : Rune Camera issue - Cannot get the red spot
  197. Problems with XINPUT in CEMU
  198. Mario Party 10-Crash during game
  199. Help with upside-down graphics
  200. Apparent duplicated shader caches compiling at the same time
  201. Cemu causing my pc to shut down .
  202. [Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate] Cemu crashes after cutscene
  203. cemu crash when loading smash 4
  204. wind waker buggy sounds
  205. BOTW upside-down error
  206. How to update cemu?
  207. Mario Kart 8 is laggy in the rain...
  208. last cemu version (1.11.5) doesn't work on my config with BOTW
  209. Cemu 1.11.5d Crash
  210. Mario Tennis - Steam Link: Black graphic glitches
  211. Fatal Frame 5 fix
  212. Ryzen 1600 (OC) / RX 560 - BOTW - Low Framerates and low CPU/GPU Utilization
  213. Problem with input settings window
  214. Cemu crashes as soon as i try to run Xeno Chronicles x
  215. Everyime i start Cemu it says "unable to create file keys.txt"
  216. Wii u rom
  217. Cemu low fps when trying to play breath of the wild or games general
  218. Instant crash Super Smash Bros U
  219. Todays bootcamp graphic driver update might have broken cemu
  220. Cemu BOTW. Game crashes every time after reaching certain area
  221. Super Mario Maker black screen after title screen on AMD RX 570
  222. Cemu Crashes On Game Load ( Read and preformed steps on sticky already)
  223. laptop i7 7700hq - rx580 freeze cemu all games
  224. Sound, but no picture
  225. 2 XBOX One wireless gamepads on 1 receiver.
  226. Splatoon on Cemu 1.11.6 instant crash
  227. Cemu keeps replacing my shader cache
  228. Splatoon Crashing Instantly
  229. BAYONETTA 2 crash in CEMU 1.11.5 STOPPED WORKING
  230. BOTW - Invisible Trees?
  231. Since AMD Driver Update Cemu 1.11.3 doesnt Work What did go wrong
  232. i think cemu is for nvidia cards
  233. Cemu 1.11.6b Public Release and FATAL FRAME 5
  234. Crash on DirectInput
  235. Can't Get Game Saves to Work for Mario Kart 8
  236. BotW shrine crash on cemu 1.11.6
  237. Cemu 1.11.6 takes too long to load.
  238. ErrEula error code 151-0101
  239. Twilight Princess Problem
  240. I'm trying to play Super Smash Bros online but everytime I get: Error-code 106-0502
  241. DUDES Can you help a bro out [Cemu Problem] [please don't ignore]
  242. Weird Distant Water bug in BoTW Cemu, Please help me! :(
  243. Weird behaviour with NVIDIA GLCache
  244. Shader Cache ISSUE
  246. Help with running some games
  247. 5 fps max in game zelda botw...
  248. Can play BotW
  249. Cemu stopped working 1.11.6b
  250. Trouble with running LoZ: BotW at a playable framerate