View Full Version : Asdivine Hearts (US) Displaying Random Graphical Issues

07.03.2019, 02:31
Operating System (OS): Windows 10 X64 (Build 1809)

CPU Model: Intel i-7 8700K (not OCD)

GPU Model: MSI Ventus RTX 2060 6GB

GPU Driver Version: 417.71

HDD or SSD: 8TB WD Red HDD With 5.73TB Free

RAM Size: 16GB @ 3000Mhz


Cemu Version: 1.15.2d

Game & Region: Asdevine Hearts (US)

Game Update Version: 1.0.0

Your problem in detail: Not sure I know how to describe it in technical terms so I included a video that demonstrates the issue.

What you have tried: Nothing yet


Additional Comments:

1.) This video demonstrates graphical issues I am experiencing: https://streamable.com/uc3u5

2.) I am using Cemuhook version: if that matters.

3.) I attached my Log.txt file (I did not see a CrashLog.txt file in my CEMU folder).

Have you messed with your Virtual Memory / Page File settings?: No

Attach: 562

07.03.2019, 03:31
You need buffer cache accuracy on high. Also for future reference that log has done nothing but open cemu. You need to post logs after running a game.

07.03.2019, 04:05
Thanks for reply and I am not sure why the log was empty like that because I did run the game several times before exporting it. Anyway thanks again and an entry in the Wiki describing the issue and workaround might help other users who happen to have the same issue. Food for thought.