View Full Version : Super Smash Bros. U - Black Screen after some matches (specially ROB).

05.10.2017, 18:15

Operating System (OS): Win 10 64 bits
CPU Model: Intel Core i7-6700 3.4GHz
GPU Driver Version: 385.69
HDD or SSD: HDD 2TB SATA3 64MB - 1,24 TB free of 1,81 TB
RAM Size: 16,0 GB


Cemu Version: 1.10.0f
Game & Region: EUR
Game Update Version: 1.1.7

Your problem in detail: This seems to happen to everyone using cemu and Smash,
after a match there is a chance of a permantent black screen
(depends on what chars you chose and the stage),
however when fighting / unlocking R.O.B., there is a 100% chance of black screen, no matter what you do.
I want to find a solution but my knowlege on cemu is limited.

What you have tried: All diferent settings and setups, reading the log but I don't understand most of it.
Everyone on the internet says the only solution is to download a complete save.


Additional Comments:
Have you messed with your Virtual Memory / Page File settings?: No


I managed to compress the log a lot (89MB and 1M lines). Now just 276KB in zip.

I hope someone solves this problem since affects everyone.

Thank you.


06.10.2017, 16:08
To unlock Rob, I downloaded a save file, as I found the same thing when I googled the issue. You can at least play consecutive matches this way, as long as no one picks Rob. I'm not aware of any way to prevent the CPU from picking Rob though, so a black screen freeze is still inevitable when facing the CPU.

10.10.2017, 08:25
Yeah I downloaded a save with all chars, but also happens with Rosalina and Luna, tested in 2 diferent stages. I'll be testing more combinations.