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09.10.2017, 17:10
Hi all,
I'm relativley new to Cemu.

I installed latest 1.10.0f version and I have a "complete" shader cache for DK:TF (1801 shaders).
I run it on an i5 6600k - 16gb - gtx1080 so my system should do it.
Not using graphic packs.

First thing I noticed is that when launching game only high GPU buffer accuracy is selectable (it's actually automatically selected).
But hey, everything seems ok, game is running 60fps most of the time.
"Most of the time" because sometimes I have a tiny stop in rendering, during less than a second, pretty similar to those that you see when not using precompiled shader cache.
I deleted precompiled folder as well as GLcache under nVidia folder,Cemu rebuilds the cache but nothing changes.

At first I thought my shader cache is not so "complete" like the author said, because replaying the same level those glitches are gone.
But if I close Cemu and open it again, in the exact same position I have the exact same glitch. Exit level, re-enter level and everything is smooth.

I was able to verify it because this behaviour happens twice at the "twilight terror" level: once when jumping on the first wooden floating platform, and the second time when entering the flying barrel (actually when firing it up: the fire&smoke effect is rendered at much less than 60fps for sure). Past those points, the rest of the level runs at steady 60fps.

What I can't get is why this (little) problem doesn't replicate replaying the same level in the same session, but it's still present every "first" time in that level of that game session. If I understood how shader cache works I'd expected cemu to do that only once, when first JIT recompiling cache, adding it to the rest of the 1801 shaders I downloaded.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

10.10.2017, 03:20
Buffer cache accuracy is selected by default and un selectable because it is set in the game profile and required to have the game display correctly. Beyond that the game doesn't run great any more. Perhaps someone else will chime in but somwhere between 173 and 175 the game was pretty much perfect.

11.10.2017, 14:06
Thanks for your answer.
Sadly my 1.7.5 Cemu install plays it with some glitches and is definitively a step behind the level of graphic rendering of newer versions (i.e. in that level there are strange lines across the background...)

11.10.2017, 15:40
Not sure if it was 175 exactly that was best for it. Also some graphics pack updates near the end of that shader system era fixed most of the rendering problems the game had. Except nvidia bananas. So if you are going to try for old cemu you need to find the last updated graphics packs for the old shader system. Should be downloadable on the github as v1 or something like that.

Here you go. https://github.com/slashiee/cemu_graphic_packs/releases