View Full Version : Smoke Direction "more smoke shader" meaning

10.10.2017, 21:35
This is quite a new workaround, just released a few hours ago, and no real description.
So I'd like to ask, is it an increase in smoke amounts, or is it related to smoke not reacting to weather/wind?
Is it recommended for AMD, or NVIDIA, or both? What should I be looking for if I should use it or not?

Also, so I don't have to open a new thread just for this one question, but on Graphics Packs of resolutions 4k and above had a commit of "Remove x2.5 shadow scaling cap". Does this conflict, overwrites or is overwritten by "Higher Resolution Shadows"?

Thanks for the attention.

11.10.2017, 13:38
Smoke particles not rendering correctly(face wrong direction) on Nvidia when using accurateShaderMul = true
A workaround by rajko is to use the shaders from accurateShaderMul = min
currently added: the explosion ash, burnt leaves smoke, cloud (e.g. on dueling peaks), distant fog in valleys and defeated guardian explosion

Overwritten by 0HighResShadow I guess, but since the cap is removed, no need to use that unless for special purpose (like, scaling shadow even more)

12.10.2017, 05:10
Alright, much obliged for the reply, NAVras!