View Full Version : Graphic pack What's the different between 720p graphic pack and origin graphic?

d asap
20.10.2017, 07:24
maybe you are confused with the origin graphic. so, i mean the original resolution of botw.
yeah, so start from the newest graphic pack, i found new 720p graphic pack(beside the 720p one that has better color depth). but, since the clarity pack was released, i dont use it(720p with better color depth) anymore and prefer to the clarity one.
Check it here:

21.10.2017, 04:00
It's really just up to user preference, that's all.

d asap
22.10.2017, 09:33
can you describe more about
user preference? i'm a little bit confused

24.10.2017, 21:32
There is no difference. The resolution packs are built automatically, and 720p is included in the resolutions to build.