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13.09.2017, 19:41
Drag & Drop, Sm4sh Update Data Required

If your game is already on 1.1.6, just merge the content folder in one of the provided RARs into your Update Data or the game itself if you merged them originally. Overwrite all files when prompted.

Users on 1.1.7 will need to follow the Manual Section.

Please make backups of files before replacing anything.

5-Stock Version:


3-Stock Version: (Requested)


I used Sm4shExplorer to edit the files needed to do this. Took a bunch of trial and error, but I got it working.
This was all pieced together from information I picked apart from various places of the net.

This will make the default settings of Smash, when you open the game, set to 5 stock instead of 2 minutes time.
I found it extremely frustrating to change that every time, so I kept at it until I got this to work. Hope it helps!
To use this, you just download the content folder in the above link and copy paste it into your game directory.

That's it!

If the premade setup doesn't work for you or you get a Black Screen with CEMU stuck on loading infinitely, try creating the mod manually:

Manual Setup, Sm4sh Update v1.1.7 Required

Python v2.7: [Link (https://www.python.org/download/releases/2.7/)]

Sm4shExplorer 0.07.4: [Link (https://github.com/thefungus/Sm4shExplorer/releases/tag/0.07.4)]

Smash 4 CSS Editor: [Link (https://www.dropbox.com/s/g70ukem1n229ij3/CSS%20Editor%20v1.3.2.pyw?dl=1)]

Please make backups of files before replacing anything.

Open up Sm4shExplorer 0.07.4

If not set already, point the program to your Updated Smash 4 Game folder.
(The Vanilla Game & Update Data must be merged together for Sm4shExplorer to read data.)

Navigate to (Root) data(us_en) > param > global_parameter
Right-click global_parameter_menu.bin > Extract

Navigate to (Root) data > param > ui
Right-click ui_character_db.bin > Extract

Go to Sm4shExplorer, (Top) NavBar > Folders > Extract
(This opens a window to ".\sm4shexplorer_0.07.4\extract")

Move global_parameter_menu.bin and ui_character_db.bin (You will need to go into their folders to get the extracted .bins) into the Folder with the CSS Editor v1.3.2.pyw

Run CSS Editor v1.3.2.pyw

Modify "Game Type," "Stock Count," and "Stock Time Limit" / "Time Limit" to your liking.

File > Save

Return to Sm4shExplorer

Drag & drop your edited copy of the global_parameter_menu.bin on top of it's counterpart in Sm4shEditor's data(us_en)

Go to (Top) NavBar > Project > Build

After it's finished, go to (Top) NavBar > Folders > Export
(This takes you to where your Modpack was saved.)

Open the "release" folder, copy the "content" folder.

Paste "content" into your Updated Smash Bros. Game folder / or / the Update Data for the game, for Cemu.

Replace all files.

Recommended: Make a backup of your preset-settings "content" folder for a quick install on a fresh copy of the game.

You're now ready to play. ;)

Edit: Thank you to Serfrost for a more concise explanation for how to mod the game yourself as well as formatting. The clean easy to understand manual setup section is all him.

13.09.2017, 20:06
Would it be hard to change this to a 3 stock default? My friends and I always do 3 stock when we play on an actual Wii U.

14.09.2017, 01:44
Would it be hard to change this to a 3 stock default? My friends and I always do 3 stock when we play on an actual Wii U.

You need to extract the global_parameters_menu.bin file from the data and data(en-us) folder and the ui_character_db.bin from the ui folder with smash explorer, put each of them into folders separately with the css editor and a copy of the ui_character_db.bin. The character_db file has to be in the same folder as the global_parameters file for the css editor to work. I am unsure if the global_parameter files in both folders are identical, so to be safe i modified both of them. You then drag and drop these modified global_parameter files into the file tree in smash explorer, overwriting the originals, build the mod, then copy the built content folder into your game directory

I can answer any questions you have if you have trouble

edit: See the edited OP, Serfrosts full explanation on how i did this is far more detailed

14.09.2017, 09:21
Would it be hard to change this to a 3 stock default? My friends and I always do 3 stock when we play on an actual Wii U.

Fuck it, i made it for you. Just copy into your content folder and you're good to go


14.09.2017, 15:45
Ha ha nice. I was going to mess with it later today but this works too.

01.03.2018, 21:16
Any chance you could do stock 4?

05.03.2018, 09:24
Any chance you could do stock 4?

That's actually what I use. However, I no longer have a copy of the files to do so. If you would still like for me to try, send me a message on Discord. ( Serfrost#7643 )