View Full Version : Cemu 1.9.1 and 1.10.0 Texture bugs?

30.10.2017, 02:38
Good Night,
I need help... Every game i tried have the same bug, textures are strange and black and white.
Thats something i can do to solve that? Is my conf the problem? I already tried everything, please help.

Configuration: Intel Core i3-2120 CPU 3.30GHz, 4GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce GTX240 (1GB), Win 10 Pro
Screens: https://imgur.com/a/DOi3p

30.10.2017, 03:09
Gtx 240 only supports OpenGL 3.3. So that's a no go.

30.10.2017, 03:11
So... the problem is my Nvidia? Sad :/

30.10.2017, 03:15
The problem is your gpu is too old. You need at least a 400 series nvidia or 7700+ amd card.