View Full Version : Mario Kart 8 flickerig textures o the strating line in Stage Water Park

01.11.2017, 00:23
Hi Guys i write this because maybe its no a big thig for Exzap to fix it because it was perfect before. With Cemu Version cemu 1.6.0 comes a graficbug on the mark on the street where all the drivers start from. Like i said allready till 1.5.6b this was perfect and with 1.6.0 comes the bug and continues to be here. And we are here with Version 1.11.0c and the error is stil there.


Maybe its easy to fix. Regards

03.11.2017, 13:43
Mhh hello ?

12.11.2017, 09:49
Not so many people browsing this forum. Most of then are at the discord channel.

I've also noticed this a while back. It's not a game breaking problem so I think it will take a little while before they correct this. Exzap and Petergov are focusing on bigger things atm.