View Full Version : [ Bug Report ] Super Mario 3D World

29.11.2017, 11:46
Hi, i'd like to report a Bug in game Super Mario 3D World. This Bug has existed on many Cemu versions and it still exists, latest versions of Cemu (1.10.0 - 1.11.1) are not fixing the problem.

Bug: the level ''Fire Flower - 1'' - if played with Luigi character, Cemu allways crashes at some point of walk-through.

Tested on:

Operating System (OS): Windows 10

CPU Model: I7-4790k 4.00 GHz

GPU Model: GTX 1060

GPU Driver Version: 388.31

HDD or SSD: (provide remaining storage space) SDD ( 60 GB ) HDD ( 1 TB )

RAM Size: 16 GB

Game Region: EU