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14.09.2017, 06:44
Hey! I own a very good PC, but I want to make a little setup just for less demanding games and specially emulators.

I was thinking on making an AMD machine, some Ryzen 3 1200x and a R460 paired with it, 8 gb of DDR3 and 256gb of SDD.

I know that cemu is not a good friend of AMD graphic cards on Windows but it can be solved on linux, what do you think about?

Does this setup should be enough to run MK8 at 1080p 60fps? What could be the performance on BOTW?

Thank you!

14.09.2017, 16:37
I use a GTX 1070 with a i5-2300 and i get a 60fps in mario kart 8 almost the time, in BOTW i have 20 ~ 25 FPS in some area games with xalphenos pack and 30 ~ 50 FPS in shrines.

So, your ryzen is better than my i5 i think, you can expect a better results with your machine

14.09.2017, 20:27
I just installed Linux for my AMD machine as well, my setup is:
AMD Radeon 280x

On windows I get around 25fps in BotW (fullscreen! Does make a huge difference, windowed mode: max. 19fps), in Kakariko around 20 fps.
I installed Linux with custom Mesa drivers (you will need custom drivers, it's not just plug&play on AMD on linux, unfortunately!), and have some x.org-issues, so I cannot check my linux installation again, but I only had around 12fps in Kakariko and 25-28 fps just on the regular overworld. But a setting might have been an issue, just tested it for 5 minutes.

Didn't try out MK8, but on Windows I used to get 60fps, with current builds around 50fps@1440p. Didn't check it on linux.
Hope that was helpfull. :)

17.09.2017, 20:41
Thank You, I will try first with linux a little bit on a VMachine on my laptop, and then decide what to do

12.11.2017, 08:56
I would go for a Intel CPU over AMD for emulation. It have almost been a safe chocie for emulator over the past ten - fifteeb years.
For the GPU I'm not that sure. I know nVidia handles OpenGL better than AMD.

But again, what systems are you going to emulate?

28.11.2017, 05:03
Tried Cemu 1.11.1 and BotW on Manjaro. Pretty much the same (great) performance like in Windows.
Getting up to 130 fps in underworld and around stables 40-50. Elsewhere in the overworld about 50-70.

Using Xbox 360 controller all works as intended. I had on Cemu 1.9.1 problems with the LT (left trigger) resulting in not being able to span the bow. This issue is fixed for me since 1.11.0.

Hardware: i7 6700K @4.7 - GTX 1080 (387.34) - DDR4-3733 CL14
Software: Kernel 4.14 - Wine Staging 2.21 - Cemu 1.11.1 - BotW 1.3.3 (V144) w/ DLC 2.1
Graphic packs: 1440p - FPS++ - LWZX crash workaround