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22.12.2017, 07:27
So following a guide i got monster hunter 3 ultimate running, but menus/UI are not rendering properly.
From what information i can gather at the web this is a common problem for AMD graphics cards.
My screen currently looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/Zlu777c.jpg
Atleast the buttons are visible, i wonder if this could just be a texture problem.
So i wanted to know if there could be some solution involving graphic packs. Currently Cemu crashes when i try to enable the graphic pack for monster hunter.

the graphic pack i'm using currently looks like this:

include 'Source/functions.php';
$fullWidth = $argv[1];
$fullHeight = $argv[2];
$scaleFactorX = $fullWidth / 1920.0;
$scaleFactorY = $fullHeight / 1080.0;
$title = get_title($fullWidth, $fullHeight);
titleIds = 0005000010118300,0005000010117200,0005000010104D00
name = "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - <?=$title?>"
version = 2

[TextureRedefine] # tv
width = 1920
height = 1080
tileModesExcluded = 0x1
overwriteWidth = <?=round($scaleFactorX*1920)?>
overwriteHeight = <?=round($scaleFactorY*1080)?>

[TextureRedefine] # half scale
width = 960
height = 540
tileModesExcluded = 0x1
overwriteWidth = <?=round($scaleFactorX*960)?>
overwriteHeight = <?=round($scaleFactorY*540)?>

[TextureRedefine] # gamepad
width = 854
height = 480
#overwriteWidth = <?=round($scaleFactorX*1920)?>
#overwriteHeight = <?=round($scaleFactorY*1080)?>

i tested a bit and it looks like it crashes if it involves any calculation like <?=round($scaleFactorX*1920)?>
if i replace these with numbers then it runs without crashing, still get the purple/pink textures though.

so my questions would be:
1) could this be solved with graphic pack or is the problem more extensive?
2) has anyone been successful running this on AMD cards?
3) does anyone have some theories as to what could cause problems on AMD cards specifically?
4) is anyone currently working to fix this problem?

22.12.2017, 07:28
the title was supposed to be Monster hunter 3 for AMD cards, can't find a way to edit.

22.12.2017, 11:52
1. Probably.
2. No more than what you've described.
3. AMD's OpenGL implementation.
4. No.