View Full Version : Mario Maker: ErrEula | Error-Code: 106-0502

30.12.2017, 18:16
Hello guys

I saw that CEMU is working to online, but I have this error when I try to play online.

Error-Code: 106-0502

Does somebody know how to fix it?

Thanks so much214

02.01.2018, 05:42
get all of your certs dumped. Should be something like 42 files

24.01.2018, 10:38
get all of your certs dumped. Should be something like 42 files

Can you please explain to me what you mean by "certs" :confused:

27.01.2018, 16:10
When dumping your files following this guide, make sure to dump all certs.


15.03.2018, 20:12
Hey guys! i have the same problem with any game i've tried to connect online via Cemu. I dumped all files and cert that needed, but still cant connect, getting same error. Any hint?:confused:

14.12.2018, 05:27
I've been trying to go online for the first time and also getting this 106-0502 error. Using the latest Cemu but have tried a couple older versions that I had the files for too.
Account.dat, otp/seeprom, and certs are all in the right place. Quadruple-checked it with a couple different guides (including the "Tutorial:Online_Play" one) and even deleted the otp/seeprom/certs temporarily to verify that the emulator isn't getting into Mario Maker at all without them there, meaning their existence is registered properly when in the right places (allowing the game to open and get to that error message when trying to go online to Course World within the game), and the account password was saved before the account.dat was dumped.
Looked all over google and just saw some suggestions that didn't do anything for me like making sure the updates are within the original game folder.