View Full Version : Donkey Kong tropical Freeze graphic issue

14.09.2017, 23:50
Hello i'm having a certain issue regarding graphics in Tropical Freeze. With version 1.7.6 and after some effects such as the smoke generated when killing enemies is not drawn at all. The clouds at the load screen(when loading) is also missing. Will you mind giving some help please? Thanks in advance.

My Rig:
I5 4460 3.2Ghz
Rx480 4GB
12 Gb ddr3 1866Mhz
1TB Hdd Mechanical Disk Samsung, about 100GB Free
Win 7 64bits, 6.1 v.

What I tried so far, all possible configs. Im at the last version of the emu, Accuracy on High, tried with full shaders, and then reseting them by deleting the files. None worked
With Cemu 1.7.5 the smoke and missing effects works just fine.

15.09.2017, 05:47