View Full Version : Error with render (screen divided into four parts).

02.01.2018, 23:57
Hello, I was playing today (Breath of the Wild), then I closed CEMU for check facebook and when I opened CEMU again, I found this error.

Operating System (OS): Windows 10 Pro.
CPU Model: Core i5-3340-
GPU Model: Nvidia GTX-1050.
GPU Driver Version:
HDD or SSD: 1tb and 200gb remaining.
RAM Size: 8 gb ddr3
Cemu Version: 1.11.3 (Zelda BoTW 1.4.0).

Your problem in detail: When I started to play, the game looked like the image. Only playing, menus and map looks perfect.
I saved the game when I arrived with the Zoras (King Dorphan).

What you have tried: I deleted and re-installed the Graphic-Packs. It happens with any graphic-pack (even the native one).
I updated cemuhook.
I loaded past saves.

03.01.2018, 08:44
Bad drivers maybe. Run DDU and reinstall the latest nvidia drivers.