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09.01.2018, 22:55
Hey, I really looked for a similar question or post related to this, How can I contribute as developer? I mean change the emulator to enhance something, I guess there are a lot of outstanding issues that I would like to work on and try to help, performing tests, translating, working on UI part, backend, etc..

Please let me know if should I place this question in another forum..

Thanks team!

10.01.2018, 10:14
Cemu.exe itself is closed source and there is no public source available that anyone knows of publicly to contribute on. The closest thing that exist to a community contribution on the executable is the binary hacking of Rajkosto with Cemuhook but that's a specialist area most people know nothing about.

Regarding other contributions we have the graphic pack repo, the wiki / bug tracker, some of us provide motion servers from controllers with motion sensors.

If by backend you mean rendering, in theory Exzap said he exports all functions needed for a third party backend but he will develop Vulkan within a year+.

10.01.2018, 19:32
Thanks epigramx for the details, it is clear now. I will take a look on bin hacking of Rajko, Im curious about that.
Recently I got a new hardware setup and will contribute sending test result for a few games.

Vulkan will have a large importance, good to know about Exzap initiative, specially because nowadays the most of graph cards have had native support for vulkan, let's follow the progress on this.