View Full Version : Any chance we could see Wind Waker HD noisy Audio getting fixed?

18.01.2018, 20:25
The game's audio is still noisy in an annoying way even in 1.11.3! The games runs stable and smooth since months and this audio problem is really a pain a**! Why they don't fix this?/There is no solution? After all this long time? :(

24.01.2018, 13:41
Have you tried turning the audio volume down in Cemu? I used to get loads of distortion on several games unless I set the slider to around 50%. It's since been fixed on Shovel Knight and Mario 3D World, so I'm back up at 100% again. I've never tried Windwaker on Cemu though to know if it's the same issue or not. Worst case, you could always play the gamecube version on Dolphin instead?

27.01.2018, 16:16
The volume will crackle if you aren't maintaining stable FPS. Even a 1FPS drop will cause distortion.

Also, make sure to try using Options > Experimental > Enable RDTSC -- and with Cemuhook, you can try Debug > Custom Timer & MM Timer Accuracy