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17.09.2017, 15:15
If you are on Windows Insiders (16288.1+) you get the new (beta) Geforce driver 387.68. I had hope this one would fix the high ram usage but it's the same like before. 99% ram usage of my 8GB ram.
This takes them ridiculously long to fix.

18.09.2017, 19:02
It's in the QA stage. It could be months.

07.10.2017, 22:27
@Serfrost Maybe you could change the thread title to something more general so we could make this thread some kind of feedback thread.

387.87 does improve the situation somewhat. Btw: this is still a beta driver for Windows Insiders.
Download: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/nvidia-driver-driverver-10-02-2017-23-21-13-8787-windows-update.417241/#post-5479275

BotW 1.3.1 (accurateShaderMul = min) / Cemu 1.10.0f
Main menu: 6GB
Loading savegame: 6.4GB
About 1h idle ingame: 597MB
Resumed gameplay after idle: 1.5GB

Finally some improvement. But seems to me like a workaround. They unload shader after a while based on usage (I guess). Hopefully this does not introduce lags when loading them again.

i3 7350k
GTX 1080

08.10.2017, 03:24
Windows puts unused memory into the pagefile on it's own after idling for an amount of time.

The new driver (387.87) has cut the required RAM by roughly 30~50%, however.

09.10.2017, 20:59
Wasn't thinking about that. Makes sense. I really felt like there was something off with the driver.
I think since there is now 387.92 out for non Insiders, this thread is obsolete.