View Full Version : Updates cause crash

31.01.2018, 01:39
I've been experiencing an issue on my (fx8350, r9 290x, 8gb mem) build in 1.11.x, including 1.11.4 where games load and run perfectly until I try to install an update. Updates will progress a small percentage before crashing cemu. After this initial crash, cemu will crash as soon as shader cache completes for any title. Sorry if this is easily fixed or has been resolved somewhere else. I've looked for solutions and come up short.
Note: this does not occur on my other pc (only difference is gtx 750ti)

31.01.2018, 02:47
Due to the crash the update data is corrupt. Delete the updates from the mlc01 folder. Then manually place the updates.

31.01.2018, 06:02
That stops the crashes, but the games act as if there are no updates. Some games like botw just boot to the update message.

31.01.2018, 06:13
Run the game until it gets to the update message and close it.
Open log.txt
look at the line that looks like "Mounting local storage (updates): {something}\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9X00"
manually place the updates code content and meta folders in that directory.

03.02.2018, 07:43
Or you can use File > Install game update or DLC and select the Meta.xml in the Update or DLC to have Cemu move them into the required directory automatically.