View Full Version : cemu 1.11.4 doesn't seem to accept any input in input settings

18.02.2018, 22:24
hi all, i can't figure out what's going on at all =\

my setup: ds4windows with 2 dualshock 4 controllers (work fine anywhere else it seems), windows 10

situation: whenever i go into input settings and try to configure any controller in controller 1 window, nothing is accepted, and anytime i click on the box to configure a button a "C" shows up

i've even tried just keyboard input, and nothing is accepted there either, and the "C" shows up as in other inputs (xinput, directinput, keyboard all do the same thing, or rather, do nothing when i press the buttons/keys)

i went back to cemu 1.8.2. and the controllers work fine, input is recognized and i can configure them

no idea what's happening here