View Full Version : Cemu 1.11.4: BOTW saves disappeared after BSOD

19.02.2018, 03:54
When I loaded Cemu and game again, there's only visible 5 very old auto-saves from 2 months ago! I was not viewing these saves before and the actual auto-save and manual save is gone!

In the "Cemu\mlc01\usr\save\00050000\101c9500\user\8000000 1" directory contains folders named 0-7. 0-5 contain the old saves because of the last modified date. The 6-7 folders contain my actual saves (I guess 6 is auto-save and 7 is manual save) but they are not visible in game menu. I even trashed the 0-5 folders and renamed the last ones to 0-1 but there's none visible in game menu.

I always keep everything up do date (Cemu, graphics packs, cemuhook, the game version through MapleSeed2) and just replace the emulator directory with new files when an update comes out.

What's happened? Maybe my saves got screwed? Below is the manual save backup so someone can help me out and check if it's corrupted.


20.02.2018, 18:25
I figured what's happened. After the BSOD, for some reason the emulator acted as if game was booted for first time, then the first menu was the normal title screen, not the Master Mode title screen. I did not know that the saved games become invisible for each mode. But because of this, the hero path was reseted also. Does anyone know where's the hero path progress is stored? it's not in the save game file?