View Full Version : Tool upd_cemu: automatically update cemu related things!

26.02.2018, 19:15
This is the first public beta version of a new tool I'm writing to automatically update cemu related files.

tl;dr: Download the tool here (https://github.com/nosklo/cemu_utils/releases), put in your cemu folder and run instead of cemu.exe.

This first version only updates the graphic packs, more is planned in the future.

You can read more about it in the github page (https://github.com/nosklo/cemu_utils/wiki/upd_cemu).


Updates your graphic packs to latest version, so you always have fresh graphic packs.
Works fine with zero configuration, just drop it on your cemu folder and run
Automatically detects your games and only decompresses the packs for those games
Can filter the resolution packs to only keep some resolutions you choose (https://github.com/nosklo/cemu_utils/wiki/upd_cemu#filter-resolutions)
Can load a special folder (by default named "vault") where you keep your graphic packs that are not in the repository, or that you have edited and want to keep untouched between updates
accepts the same parameters as cemu.exe and launches cemu for you
You can associate windows Open with... dialog for .rpx, .wud and.wux files to upd_cemu.exe (https://github.com/nosklo/cemu_utils/wiki/upd_cemu#file-association) so that double-clicking on a game will auto-launch it on cemu. Also allows creating shortcuts directly to game files and they just work
downloads use asynchronous networking and has a graphical cancellable progress bar
very configurable with easy to generate json config file (https://github.com/nosklo/cemu_utils/wiki/upd_cemu#config-file), can be easily integrated in other tools

This is beta software. Use it with no guarantees! Read the documentation! If you find any issues please use the github issue tracker (https://github.com/nosklo/cemu_utils/issues) to report.

The tool is opensource. To contribute use github pull requests.

Here's a new video by BSoD Gaming that shows installation and usage of the tool: