View Full Version : Mouse and keyboard

01.03.2018, 14:55
What about mouse support in cemu. Why no support for mouse movement.
1) Not everyone has gamepad.
2) There are some workarounds like v-joy. But they are buggy. And they are not usable in linux. I linux user. Cemu works fine in linux (and even better with nvidia opengl and better memory swap managment). But, I need to dualboot on windows, cause I can not use the mouse in BOTW. Using keyboard for bow.... Oh, come on...
3) It's not very hard to implement: just make button push emulation on mouse axis move and add ability bind mouse keys to game input. Maybe, emulate press and hold on movement and add sensivity multiplier.
4) One or two simple functions... one or two days... for one developer.
5) Maybe, I can make one more workaround... but it's really bad practice to make workarounds, when it can be implemented native.