View Full Version : Crash - Help - Hyrule Warriors + DLC and Latest Patch available as of 3/21/2018

21.03.2018, 20:17
Alright so I can confirm that whenever Midna is an AI controlled character and a certain sub routine is called the game freezes. The audio keeps playing but you cannot get out of the game without ending the emulator. Originally I planned on avoiding making a post but since we are still 2 months away from Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition I was wondering if anyone could help me fix the freeze. Worse yet I still need like 27 Midna's fused shadow please if someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Some common Midna crashes include

Twilight Field - Land of Twilight "Often the crash takes place after taking the last twilight keep and Midna attacking at the same time. Sometimes a crash can be triggered at this cutscene as well."

I will list more details as I have them. If you too are experiencing crashes please report what you were doing before the crash was triggered.

I am using Cemu 1.11.5d release.

Update 1

I noticed a co-relation with the crash caused by idling in pause menu. It seems to happen when at least one player has not done anything for about 3 minutes similar to when your controller automatically shuts off on the wii u hardware.

Update 2

I was playing Midna during a crash this time. I was doing the L L L L H Combo during the crash as seen here. The map is Gerudo Desert Had been play for about 21 mins

Update 3 Fix

After many hours of testing simply disabling all CPU extensions fixes it.