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29.03.2018, 02:36
hi, sorry for my english but i use te traductor and some of my knowledge jejejeje
i have cemu 1.11.5d and zelda breath of the wild whit all dlc 1.5.0, but i have a problem when i constantly use the magnet and the stunner in the dungeons and the temples or in general, the game crashes ,
and it is very annoying because sometimes it is not saved or there are areas where the game can not be saved and
if I put the resolution in 1080p and 2K the animations and videos do not work(green screen), but if I put it in 1080p 21: 9 if they work correctly, what could be the problem?
te config of cemu is in triple-core, enable v-sync, upscale filter bicubic always downscale whit bilinear, fullscreen strech, gpu buffer cache accuracy low , experimental enable botw crash workaround, timer cpu host based timer, precompiled shader cache disable/ignored, MM timer acuraccy 1ms, custom timer QPC 1x speed
Graphics pack v2-815 enabled : 1080p(21:9); No Atni-Aliasing; Contrasty; FPS++; Nvidia explosion smoke; reflextra-enhaced reflections, higher quality shadows (i don't see the diference of high resolution shadows)
Intel core i5 8400, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB founders edition, mother MSI gaming plus z370, 16 gb dual chanel ram G.skill ripjaw 3200mhz, 3tb HDD, Power supply thermaltake toughpower grandrgb series 750w
sorry but my english is not good i am from argentina

29.03.2018, 02:56
Enable full sync at gx2drawdone under experimental.

29.03.2018, 03:22
Enable full sync at gx2drawdone under experimental.
I enabled that But the is not a diference,
Everything is the same, the game crashes when I use the magnet and the stunner, and the animations are still green