View Full Version : Compatability list - Sort by Cemu version and Last updated as an Option?

24.09.2017, 09:35
Just wondered if this could be considered on the compatability lists.?


24.09.2017, 17:14
Well I mean I get why you would consider it. But I think that is mostly fringe cases. If it were a situation where literally every game on the list was working or not working and like 5 different versions, then ya I can see it. But really you can just get the recent emulator and be just fine, very few games were affected by it to where they are unplayable on recent versions. I'd say right now you need like 2 versions of Cemu, mostly keeping in mind that Smash is not bootable on the current version (but that is mentioned to be fixed on the next version). Again, it technically wont hurt, nor do I think it's that hard to just implement another filter. But honestly I think most ppl will be just fine. But that's just my opinion. :)