View Full Version : [Second try] Super Mario 3D World - CEMU crashes on world 6-C

10.04.2018, 02:38
Well, I had already posted this yesterday, but the thread was deleted by a moderator due to the violation of a rule (honestly, I didn't know that the Website from which I've downloaded the game ROM commits piracy).

The thing is I've downloaded a .WUD ROM of the Super Mario 3D World game, and the CEMU emulator from its official website. Whenever I try to play the world 6-C:

...the emulator and the computer itself both crash irreparably (Windows restarts). The bug occurs just after this frame:

I also have attached to this post the log file, but according to what I've read on it, the contribution it can make is small. I suppose the game doesn't reach to record on the log the error cause.

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot in advance.

06.05.2018, 17:26
Funnily enough i was able to finish the level OP has problems on. But my game crashes on the second version of that same level, on Bowser-B

I can go through the lift that crashes for OP

But whenever the boss jumps out of the sand, the whole computer freezes for a second and cemu crashes.

I already tried four different versions of cemu with a variety of different configurations. Always crashes at the same spot.
The only thing i noticed is that if i use GPU Buffer Accuracy on High or Low, it crashes at the spot on my screenshot, but if i use it on Medium, it crashes a second after that moment. But it's always consistently on the same spot.