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01.05.2018, 19:54
Hello dear Cemu Members,

today i installed the Cemu Emulator (1.11.6) for the first time on my Computer.
I set up everything and installed the Cache and Graphic Packs.
The first time i tried out Zelda BOTW and it works without any problems.
Then i tried Super Mario 3D World and i runs superb, 60fps no drops everything looks nice, except 1 problem : )

The game freezes randomly when loading a level. For example the first time it frooze it was on the 2nd level (1-2). I pressed X and when Mario jumps on top of the building it gets stuck, freezes.
I restarted and then the same happened on the 4th level. Now it happened on the 6 if i remember correctly.

I tried to delete my GPU Cache files aswell but it didnt help.

CPU: i7 4790k
GPU: 980ti
OS: Win 7
1080p Graphic Mod

Like i said, i set up everything for Zelda and i dont know if there is a difference when it comes to the settings of Mario.

I hope you guys can help me out.

Best Regards


10.05.2018, 03:36
Correction... Cemuhook is now, and that was a typo up top... should have been!