View Full Version : Msi gl62m 7rdx-2203xes

22.05.2018, 20:03
Hello forum.

I'm new and I don't have any idea about to choose the perfect PC to emulate Citra at 4k with 60fps and without lags and that's why I need your help.

What do you think about this MSI laptop MSI GL62M 7RDX-2203XES.

Here are the specs:

Kabylake i5-7300HQ+HM175 (4 núcleos, 2.5GHz-3.5GHz, 6MB)
8GB DDR4-2400
GeForce® GTX 1050, 4GB GDDR5

I will wait you help. Thanks you so much forum. :cool:

23.05.2018, 09:31
Did you mean Cemu? This is the Cemu forum.

(PS. there are no Citra emulators)

23.05.2018, 10:09
Yes yes, Cemu sorry.

I got confused with the emulators name. 😅

23.05.2018, 15:10
If you want 4k 60 fps don't get a laptop. If you want 4k 60 fps with BotW then spare no expense. Just get the most highest end intel cpu and nvidia gpu with 32 gb of the fastest ram available. And then sob in the corner as you fail to maintain 60 fps with 4k graphics pack.

25.05.2018, 04:42
There are still bugs outside 30FPS anyway.

PS. Zemu.