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27.06.2018, 15:27
Installed Cemu 1.12.2 on my MacBook Pro mid 2012 with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, upgraded video drivers and all that stuff, and it works perfectly (at least Mario Maker seems to work) but when I open Mario 3D World it crashes after a few seconds, in the menu exactly, saying “CEMU stopped working”. I tried to change region, language, even version of Cemu but nothing. Why?
Thank you!

28.06.2018, 18:14
Edit: installed Windows 8.1 and Cemu doesn’t work either. It opens, but when I run games I get black screen with sound, what should I do?
Thank you!

28.06.2018, 20:43
Post your log.txt. But solid black screen is usually indicative of a gpu driver problem.

29.06.2018, 10:40
[18:53:08] ------- Init Cemu 1.12.2d -------
[18:53:08] mlc01 path: C:\Users\marymelybros\Desktop\cemu_1.12.2\mlc01\
[18:53:08] Cemuhook version:
[18:53:08] CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz
[18:53:08] RAM: 4002MB
[18:53:08] Used CPU extensions: SSSE3, SSE4.1, AES-NI
[18:53:33] Loading .rpx -> Map "C:/Users/marymelybros/games/Super Mario Maker/Super Mario Maker/content/" to /vol/content/
[18:53:34] Loaded RPL module block (checksum 0x3A76E5CD)
[18:53:34] ------- Loaded title -------
[18:53:34] TitleId: 00050000-1018dc00
[18:53:34] TitleVersion: v113
[18:53:34] Update path: C:\Users\marymelybros\Desktop\cemu_1.12.2\mlc01\us r\title\00050000\1018DC00\ (not present)
[18:53:34] AOC path: C:\Users\marymelybros\Desktop\cemu_1.12.2\mlc01\us r\title\0005000C\1018DC00\ (not present)
[18:53:34] shaderCache name: fe31b7f2
[18:53:34] gameprofile path: gameProfiles\000500001018dc00.ini
[18:53:34] RPX hash: fe31b7f2
[18:53:34] Loaded RPL module nn_olv2 (checksum 0x402B2215)
[18:53:34] RPL link time: 140ms
[18:53:34] HLE scan time: 47ms
[18:53:34] ------- Active settings -------
[18:53:34] CPU-Timer: host-based
[18:53:34] CPU-Mode: Single-core recompiler
[18:53:34] Load shared libraries: true
[18:53:34] Use RDTSC: true
[18:53:34] UseSeparableShaders: true
[18:53:34] GPUBufferCacheAccuracy: medium
[18:53:34] Disable GPU fence: false
[18:53:34] Disable precompiled shaders: false
[18:53:34] ------- Init OpenGL graphics backend -------
[18:53:35] Using OpenGL version 4.0
[18:53:35] OpenGL extensions:
[18:53:35] ARB_clip_control: not supported
[18:53:35] ARB_get_program_binary: available
[18:53:35] ARB_clear_texture: not supported
[18:53:35] ARB_copy_image: not supported
[18:53:35] GL_VENDOR: Intel
[18:53:35] GL_RENDERER: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
[18:53:35] GL_VERSION: 4.0.0 - Build
[18:53:35] Activate graphic pack: Super Mario Maker - 1920x1080
[18:53:35] Activate graphic pack: Super Mario Maker - 2560x1440
[18:53:35] Activate graphic pack: Super Mario Maker - 3840x2160
[18:53:35] Activate graphic pack: Super Mario Maker - 5120x2880
[18:53:35] Activate graphic pack: Super Mario Maker - 854x480
[18:53:35] Activate graphic pack: Super Mario Maker - 1600x900
[18:53:35] ------- Run title -------
[18:53:35] Shader cache loaded. Commited mem 9MB. Took 172ms
[18:53:35] Recompiler initialized. CPU extensions: AVX
[18:53:35] Custom timer mode: none
[18:53:35] IOSU_CRYPTO: No otp.bin found. Online mode cannot be used
[18:53:35] IOSU_CRYPTO: No Seeprom.bin found. Online mode cannot be used
[18:53:38] Init snd_core AX module
I updared my drivers but nothing, the game starts but it gets black in the menu screen.
Thank you!

30.06.2018, 21:36
Anyone know how to fix this?
Thank you!

30.06.2018, 23:22
Hd 4000 isn’t supported. There is no fix.