View Full Version : XBOX 360 Controller issues 1.91

29.09.2017, 17:50
No idea what is going on here. I would have posted about this earlier if I knew there was a forum for CEMU

I am having issues with 1.91.

The issue is every time I hit the analog stick to the right the pause menu comes up which is totally bizarre.
I have reconfigured the controller dozens of times with no luck. This isn't my first emulation rodeo.

When I go back to 1.82 I don't have the issues.
The crazy thing I I had 1.91 on my system before and it worked fine.

The reason I reverted back to 1.82 is I was having issues with 2 controllers on Mario 3d world.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Also is there a way to load controller profiles on 1.91?

29.09.2017, 20:41
Cemu 1.9.0 was the Input Overhaul, some things were broken in the process.

However, you didn't mention what game you were having trouble with?

The typical fix is: Make sure to try both DirectInput and Xinput to see if either help your problem.