View Full Version : Xenoblade Chronicles X freezing on CEMU 1.12.2

18.07.2018, 10:56
I'm playing Xenoblade Chronicles X on CEMU ver. 1.12.2. It works just fine most of the time and I have made it to Chapter 5 so far but I'm experiencing a lot of freezes. It happens occasionally in Primordia and Noctilum but most frequently in NLA. The Administrative District streets freeze a lot, and freezing inside the BLADE Barracks is pretty much a surety until the 2nd or 3rd try.

These were minor annoyances but I could still play the game just fine after a few restarts. Sadly I can't say the same for Sylvalum. It constantly freezes every 4-5 minutes (Yeah, the irony of the icy region freezing the most is not lost on me), even when I'm not even on the land, just swimming towards it from the Primordia Waters. It's like simply rendering the Sylvalum region makes CEMU freeze up.

All these freezes, no matter where they happen, are of the same type - the screen freezes up but the music still goes on, and the application can't be closed by closing the CEMU window. It has to be closed by hitting End Task on the Task Manager.

Are there any settings I can mess around with to get rid of these freezes? Or would it help to switch to some other version of CEMU? If so, which version should I switch to?

19.07.2018, 08:42
Okay, so I switched to CEMU version 1.11.1 and it's a lot more stable now. Sylvalum works without a hitch and for the past few hours that I've been playing, there's been no freezing in NLA either. It stutters slightly more here and there but I'll take that over constant freezes any day. I'll update if I come across any game-breaking bugs but so far it seems like Version 1.11.1 is the way to go if you want Xenoblade Chronicles X running properly on CEMU.

31.07.2018, 00:24
Running into the same problems. Bump.

Susan Smitha
31.07.2018, 12:45
sometimes updates fix one side of the software but some area of the software become buggy.