View Full Version : Guide How to grab extremely high resolution screenshots with Cemu;higher than the monitor's

30.09.2017, 08:25
Disclaimer: This has been mentioned before but it didn't have a concise guide in the forum yet

The main purpose of this is to get a screenshot that otherwise is impossible with regular screenshotting, if your monitor is lower resolution than the target resolution. That way one can edit that image or send it elsewhere without requiring additional hardware or additional driver software.

Step 1: Use a very high resolution graphic pack (https://slashiee.github.io/cemu_graphic_packs/), for instance, the 10K graphic pack for BotW.

Step 2: Run the game to a specific scene you want to capture

Step 3: Focus Cemu by either going fullscreen or focusing the Cemu window

Step 4: Press Shift + PrintScreen (keyboard key) at the same time. Shift is important (do not use Alt, it's not a typo if that's what you're thinking) and if you run ShareX or similar it must be disabled.

Step 5: Paste the result to an image editor. Even Paint or Irfanview will do

PS. If you're wondering why this works, it's because Cemu first has a "render target image" which depends on the specific game or the graphic pack (the term "texture" in graphic packs does not refer to bitmap textures but to render target images, a completely different term) and then Cemu downscales or upscales the image to the resolution of the window or fullscreen with the bilinear or bicubic algorithm chosen in the Cemu options. "Shift-PrintScreen" enables a Cemu-specific method to get the render target image before final scaling.

30.09.2017, 09:57
Oh, awesome! Time to grab some 10K screenshots ;)