View Full Version : Guide xenoblade chronicle x is very well working is cemu 1.11.1+cemuhook 1110b 0551

26.08.2018, 10:31
My notebook is SAMSUNG(other call name : SHAASUIVG ^^) odyssey G5S this notebook is GTX 1060M graphic card & i7 CPU have.
First... 0.13.30f working is XCX during play frequent random freezing I bit upset.
Finally CHAPTER 6 before begin second cutscene during play MUST FREEZING.
I am VERY VERY ANGRY. I think 0.13.30f is M.E.R.D.E.
I did a little bit googling I know f version is most M.E.R.D.E.
This now 1.11.1 version very comfortably playing.
Except bit purple & other purple texture.
but not support multicore version little bit frame drop. In spite of that spec
and so skell license exam is harder.