View Full Version : Modification Ocarina of Time 2 Player & 4 Player Coop Adventures

03.10.2018, 16:24
This Mod is based on Sho and Spinouts multiplayer Patch. I only implemented some fixes that its working on Cemu or Virtual Console
I also fixed a lot of Bugs. You can play the whole Main Game with 2 or 4 Player!

What you need:
You only Need a clean Ocarine of Time Master Quest (U)Debug Version. Z64 Format
When you wanna use it on Wii U or Cemu you can easy inject it with the ultimate VC Injector (Here you get it https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-ultimate-vc-injector-for-wiiu.486781/
Compatible with wii u and Cemu Emulator

How to use:
You can Download the Patch here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z2vvzzwawrhn575/cooppatch1.2.rar/file
In the above Package is the 2 and 4 Player Patch included.
Also Xdelta Patch is included only choose the Patch you wish for (2 or 4 Player) and applied it to your Master Quest Debug Rom.
When you wanna use it on a Wii U a Ini for inject is included in the Package
Its also working on Cemu Emulator on PC! To start on Cemu you need to choose the vessel.rpx which is in the Code Folder after injection

What is important:
- Added in Version 1.01 Levitate for second Player. Its important for some stages of the Game where the first player needs to use the Longshot (Like Water Temple), the Second Player can use here levitate to follow the first Player.Levitate only working for the second player. You need to Press L for Levitate
- For the 2 Player Version: Player 2 is controlled by Controller 4
- When starting a new game, skips to Navi waking Link up
-To bypass with Players "Hold Z and just press C-Up once. Link has to be Z-Targeting and standing still for this to work"
-You can change the Player perspective to simple on the Dpad
-Some Items like Longshot cannot be use the others Players. So theyre locked. But its working for first Player
-Both Player Share Health

-In Version 1.02 optimised the Z Targetting Camera for both Players and readding the Black Tunic Link.
- A lot Camera Fixes
- A lot Entrance fixes
-Subscreen Crashes fixed
- Boomerang now working for both Player
-You can push/pull Block for both Player only Press A to Release
-Spin Attack working for both players
-Z targeting for Second Player is focused on the Target of first Player
- Added First Person Aiming/View
-Diving Bug Fixed
-Shield Glitch is fixed


Version 1.2
- Fixed Deku Tree Cutscene Crash after defeating Gohma
-Fixed Zora Fountain Cutscene Crash
- Making a new Camera View

Version 1.1 fixed a lot of Bugs of the 4 Player Patch
-Push and Pull working now for all Players
-Fixed Subscreen Crashes
-Spin Attack now working for all Players
- Levitate working for Player 2-4 by pressing L
- Added different Tunics