View Full Version : cemu_1.13.2 problem fps mario card + Vsync. no working + new crash emulator

03.10.2018, 23:11
PC: i7 6700 4x3.4Ghz 8GB RAM 2133Mhz Dual GTX 1070 8GB Windows 10 Pro v.1709 (16299.19)

Drivers : NVIDIA 411.70 , 399.24

cemu_1.13.2 vertical synchronization does not work, mario cards are still losing fps and it's a shame to talk ...

plus a new error freezing the emulator all time on this game i no check other game

the version of the NVIDIA 411.70 drivers was even worse on this version even cemu_1.12.0 was stuck

I advise against installing this version of drivers, I had to return at least to version 399.24

cemu v1.13.2 - mario card 8 crash all time, 5 min game on water park or beach just screen freezes

Nothing works correctly , the sound is a little greasy.

cemu v1.12.0 only this version is somehow sticking, but you need to have older drivers... because at 411.70 even this version was stuck too so it can also be NVIDIA's fault.

this will by fix ? NIVIDIA Too need fix last drivers 411.70 is suck...