View Full Version : Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Endlesss Loading Screen

11.10.2018, 03:08
Hi. I've been playing DKCTF for a while with multiple Cemu versions (from 1.10.0 to the most current one 1.13.2). But I always get an endless loading screen whenever entering Funky's Store (it doesn't matter if it's the on the first, second or last world). I was wondering if there is a solution for this, or this is some issue that has already been discussed and could be solved in a future Cemu release? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

11.10.2018, 15:34
This is a known bug without a current solution. The developer exzap said it's likely an issue with floating-point accuracy in the recompiler. Indeed the shop loads up just fine in interpreter mode albeit at ~9 fps. This is certainly something that should get fixed in the course of cemu development but with the texture cache rewrite, the push for opengl core profile and the future implementation of vulkan I wouldn't be expecting it any time soon.