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01.10.2017, 15:44
Please make sure to check the Cemu Compatibility List (Click) (http://compat.cemu.info/) before asking for support!

Additionally, make sure to check other support threads & guides for your game beforehand.

This is to help keep things orderly and allows us to assist you in a faster, more concise manner.

We DO NOT help people who have pirated software.

Join the Discord for LIVE Support by other community members. (Click) (https://discord.gg/5psYsup)

Please follow the format below:

Operating System (OS):

CPU Model:

GPU Model:

GPU Driver Version:

HDD or SSD: (provide remaining storage space)

RAM Size:


Cemu Version:

Game & Region:

Game Update Version:

Your problem in detail:

What you have tried:


Additional Comments:

Have you messed with your Virtual Memory / Page File settings?:

Preferably, attach your Log.txt and crashlog.txt within Cemu's folder.

(See below, when making a post):