View Full Version : A Little Request about shortcut.

28.11.2018, 19:27
Hello! let'me start with Thank you...

Now let's go.

well i'm playng all games fine but something bother me some times...

every time i want to play i must open cemu, click into game and play.. i know... it's simple thing, all developers have more important thing to do.

but I thought " Hei if i make my own windows shortcut and set my configs to start the game ?".

well it works

A little exemple: "C:\path\for\cemu\Cemu.exe" -f -g "D:\Path\for\my\game\code\myGame.rpx".

so my request is to simple make this into a automatically way with icon for the especific game.

a little right click on game and " make shortcut " to my desktop.

Sorry for my bad english.

Thanks anyway o/


28.11.2018, 23:29
unfortunately you're right.
The devs have more important things to worry about.
But perhaps they'll consider this little convenience in the future for a later version of the emulator.