View Full Version : Mario Kart 8 characters and karts mods issue.

15.12.2018, 21:02

So with the release of Cemu 1.15.0 I was very excited to test the mods as graphics packs feature, and it mostly works great, but I've found a weird issue with Mario Kart 8.

I've noticed that not all character and kart mods in Mario Kart 8 work as intended. The Dark Link one, for example works because it just changes the original textures with different ones, but if the mod replaces a character or kart model completely, I noticed that the model, for some reason, does not interact with the light from the environment in every track. When the models do interact they also look weird; for instance, in Mario Kart Stadium, the models do receive the light, but they cast very low quality shadows (for example the shadow from the character's nose to it's face), making them look pretty bad. In tracks like Sweet Sweet Canyon, there is no interaction whatsoever, so the models look darker than they should, as if they were under a constant dark environment despite the track being very bright and having different lighting situations. They also look like that on the character selection menu. I've seen this mods working correctly on YouTube videos and how they should look on the mod download page pics. At first I thought it was a problem with the mod itself, but then I tried different ones from different creators and the problem was present with those too.