View Full Version : Super Smash Bros. Framerate issues

17.12.2018, 21:04
Operating System (OS): Windows 10

CPU Model: Intel i7 7700HQ CPU @2.80GHz

GPU Model: GEForce GTX 1050 GDDR5 @ 4.0GB (128 bit)

GPU Driver Version: 399.24

HDD or SSD: HDD, 340GB left

RAM Size: 15.9GB


Cemu Version: 1.15.0

Game & Region: Super Smash Bros. 4, US

Game Update Version: 1.1.6

Your problem in detail: Framerate drops from 60 to around 50-53, along with significant stuttering.

What you have tried: Installing latest graphic packs and CemuHook


Additional Comments: I've pulled up task manager while playing, usually my CPU usage maxes at around 42%, Memory at around 52%, and GPU alternates between 0% and 37%. So as far as task manager is concerned, I'm not using the full potential of my hardware at all. This is in contrast to games played not using an emulator, such as Guild Wars 2, which will max out at least one of these stats (usually disk usage).

Have you messed with your Virtual Memory / Page File settings?: No.

19.12.2018, 00:42
Problem was basically solved by downloading the most updated shader cache. Occasional drops to 50FPS but no significant stuttering, the game is now playable.