View Full Version : Pikmin 3 not working with Cemu 1.10.0f

02.10.2017, 21:26
When i start Pikmin 3 on Cemu 1.10.0f i become black Picture and Game is not loading! Cemu 1.9.1 working perfect! Have another this Problem? Im using GTX1070 an Intel i5!

15.10.2017, 03:22
how to download cemu 1.9.1? I'm new to cemu

15.10.2017, 05:10
Yes pikmin has an audio bug in current builds that breaks it. I believe it is going to be fixed in the next release. Until then stick with 1.9.1. tcbobb16 just change the version number on the official link.

15.10.2017, 09:47
It loads in 1.10.0f but only if you have a 2nd day save (or higher). You can play in 1.9.1 the first day and then transfer the save to 1.10.

However, it still has other bugs that can crash it in 1.10 so it might be best to wait for the fixes of 1.11.

PS. 1.11 also fixes additional bugs in that particular game, which might be required to play day 1.

01.02.2018, 05:26
Problème toujours pas résolue

03.02.2018, 06:51
Problème toujours pas résolue

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