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General Rules
  1. Rule:
    No harassment towards other users, be respectful.

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    Posts must be of reasonable quality and effort, and provide or seek information that isn't already available, or is not generally well known. Prohibited posts include (but are not limited to):
    • Asking for release dates or ETAs of Cemu releases, game compatibility improvements, bug fixes, mods, or anything else. Public Cemu releases are one week after the Patreon release.

  3. Rule:
    No referral or affiliate links. Spamming YouTube videos may result in a temporary ban.

  4. Rule:
    No acts of piracy. (Shader caches, keys, etc. are Nintendo IP) Modifications and third party tools can be discussed as long as they do not contain any copyrighted files.

  5. Rule:
    Do not copy/paste Patron information. Summaries are fine.

  6. Rule:
    Thread prefixes should be only used for release threads.
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