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  1. No interactable objects n64 raibow road MK8

    I'm having a really weird problem in Mario Kart 8 on cemu 1.11.3 in n64 rainbow road (specifically) where the objects you can normally interact with like coins, items, and the turbo rings in the...
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    what are your specs and version of Windows?

    what are your specs and version of Windows?
  3. Consistent crashing near Tabantha tower

    I haven't ever had this problem before until today-- whenever I go to the Tabantha tower to get something from Dinraal, the game crashes whenever I get more that 500 yards away from the tower....
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    Xbox one controller with cemu?

    I just got an xbox one controller and I'm trying to use it with cemu. I have the most recent version. I know you can use xbox 360 controllers with cemu... I have a Bluetooth card and everything, my...
  5. Has anybody else noticed performance drop from 1.9.0c?

    I am running the latest version (1.11.2) and I've noticed that, since 1.9.0c, the performance has been getting worse. My computer has a Core i7-7700k @ 5.12Ghz, GTX 680, and 4GB RAM (I should...
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