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  1. Cemu crashing when trying to complete champions ballad, ring race.

    I'm trying to complete the champions' ballad quest, currently at the ring race. My game crashes round about when the shiekah sensor starts going off along the mountain.
    If anyone's wonderin what I...
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    Cemu addition ideas

    I'd like to see a stop/restart button added to cemu. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to implement a mod browser to cemu...actually that might be really hard to do.
  3. BOTW Crashing when leaving Spring of Wisdom

    I warped to spring of wisdom, tryin to get a set of armor from a quest. When I try to go down any side of the mountain, cemu locks up and crashes.

    GTX 1060 SSC 6G
    Ryzen 5 2600
    32GB DDR4 anarchy...
  4. Okay....So there's actually nothing wrong after...

    Okay....So there's actually nothing wrong after all. I deleted my GP folder, remade the folder, and extracted the GPs again aaaand that fixed my issue. False alarm.
  5. Graphics packs settings not "saving" when loading into BOTW

    Operating System (OS): Windows 10

    CPU Model: I5-7400

    GPU Model: GTX 1060 SSC

    GPU Driver Version: 416.34

    HDD or SSD: SSD 120 boot drive (83GB), HDD 1tb (551GB), HDD 2tb steam (740GB)
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