i'm using the latest version of CEMU and this is my pc specs:

CPU:Intel 1150 i5-4690K
VGA:Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 4.0GB G1 GAMING
RAM:ARES 2x4GB DDR3-2133
SO:Windows 10 Enterprise

1) I notice a lot of slowdowns on Bayonetta 2 in particular and in Super Smash Bros. The CPU isn't at 100%, but these games have a lot of slowdowns and fps drop down. Do you suggest something in order to solve this issue?
2) Guacamelee Super-Turbo championship edition, after the initial loading time, doesn't start...there is a black screen...
3) Bayonetta: Cutscene audio and video is not synchronized. I read (http://compat.cemu.info/wiki/Bayonetta) that in order to fix it it is necessary to Setting SpeedHack to 0.5 with the external program Cheat Engine. I installed the Cheat Engine but i don't know how i can set that configuration...
4) Ghost blade HD: a lot of slowdown, it runs at 30fps instead of 60. I set GPU buffer cache accuracy" set to "High(Slow) as suggested here http://compat.cemu.info/wiki/Ghost_Blade_HD. But the issue is still here...

thank you for your help!