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    Yoshi Wooly World performance issue

    My specs
    Win10 Pro x64
    i5 3470S @2.90GHz
    16GB DDR3
    GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (Jan 2019 WHQL drivers)
    Samsung SSD 850 PRO 512G
    Xbox One controller

    Cemu 1.15.2d settings
    YWW Graphic pack up to date
    CPU Mode = Single-core recompiler (fast)
    GPU Buffer cache accuracy = Medium

    Game loads fine, I am able to play, save my progress, two Xbox controllers coop work fine.
    I used to have the black screen taking a while to load after the controller screen, but turning Vsync and Full sync off seems to workaround the issue.

    My issue:
    each time I enter a new area (world map or level), it takes a moment to load, and the screen freezes here and there throughout the level. It's like the game's being cached in the background, as I don't experience this problem if I run through the level a second time in a same playthrough.
    The further I progress ingame, the more recurrent/annoying the freezes become.

    Find attached the latest log split in two. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    You are literally describing just in time shader compilation. As you encounter shaders cemu will pause and compile the wii u shader into something your pc can use. Then it will cache the usable shader, so it will not pause on that shader again, and continue emulation.

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    I tried not using external shaders, but faced similar performance problems.
    Is there a trick to smoothen the experience or is the compilation length/impact mainly relying on my PC hardware ?

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    You can always search for pre-compiled shaders for the game

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